handwritten and
personalized cards

have proven to be super effective.

Why Thankster?

Great Automation Options

Automate via our built-in tools, via our direct Integrations, or via our integration with platforms like Zapier.

Great Pricing

Save even more with our automation plans or by pre-paying for credit packs.

Fast Turnaround

For typical orders we usually mail next business day.

Great personalization options

Our editor gives you great flexibility when creating your mailers, and you can personalize templates through merge fields.


Our handwriting solution uses subtle techniques for authenticity (use one of ours or create your own). And we use real, first-class stamps.

We do it all

We print, stuff, stamp, seal, and mail for you. Mail immediately, or schedule for later.

Why Thankster?

  • Our highly optimized solutions

    make this available to you at scale.

  • Our pricing

    is the best around.

  • Fast turnaround

    We usually mail next business day.

  • Highly customizable templates

    We usually mail next business day.

  • You control every inch of your mailers

    our branding does not appear anywhere.

  • Great automation options

    built into Thankster, via our direct integrations, and via our Zapier and Integromat integrations

Ways to send

After you create a template mailer with your design and message,
you can send:
  • Add or import recipients

  • Send now or Schedule for later

  • Select the sending schedule (e.g., the first of every month)

  • Choose a list to send to.

    Examples: birthdays, home anniversaries for realtors

  • Drip campaigns

    Example: series of mailers after signup

Choose one of our direct integrations like Infusionsoft, or one of thousands of apps via Zapier and Integromat. In the connected app you will choose a Thankster template.

For integration plan users, our Quick Send functionality allows you to create and send orders in minutes. Simply select an API template, add recipients, and submit. Billing is handled monthly, so you don’t need to pay immediately.

Sample Industries and Use Cases

Below are some sample industries that benefit from Thankster cards.  There are many others.

  1. Send after an open house
  2. Automatically send on home
  3. Target an area
  1. Send a mailing at policy
    renewal time
  2. Gratitude mailings
  3. Holiday outreach
  1. Thanks customers
  2. automatically after large
  3. Send promos with promo
    codes for tracking
  1. Nonprofits for stewardship,
    donor retention
  2. Any Sales organization
  3. Agency 

Many others

Need Help?

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