What are One-Off Projects?

These are projects that are sent one time, either immediately (after completion), or scheduled for a later date. They consist of a design (which can be saved as a template), and recipients which you can import or add one at a time. You can copy them for later use, but they are not automatically recurring, […]

What are Campaigns?

Campaigns are orders that repeat automatically. They can repeat on the same day every year (like birthdays or anniversaries), month , day, etc. This is selected in the timing step. To add recipient to your campaign you select a list.   See pricing for recurring order plans. Video  

What is a Drip Campaign?

A Thankster drip campaign it’s a series of mailings that you set up beforehand by creating the series of templates and specifying when they go out. It will be mailed to the recipients on thanks to list that you select.

What are Integration orders?

Thankster can integrate with (connect to) various applications so that you can automate sending via that application and the recipient information you have stored there. Some current integrations are Shopify, Infusionsoft, Nationnuilder, and Zapier. Contact us to get more information.

Tell me about Thankster and Zapier.

Using a zapier integration you can connect Thankster thousands of applications without writing any computer code. An example would be to send cards whenever you add a new lead in Salesforce. Another would be to trigger sending via a Google sheet. Contact us for more information.

Can I order using Google Sheets?

Yes, using Google Sheets as a trigger with our zapier integration. To contribute trigger orders manually by adding a row to a sheet or use a special sheet to automate sending (for example for birthdays and anniversaries). Contact us for more information.

What are API orders?

Thankster’s API allows you to offer our functionality within your own application or website. Using the API lets you customize this access in any way you would like. An API order uses a Thankster API template project that you create the same way you would create a one-of project or campaign, except it does not […]