Merge Fields

You can use merge fields to add variable data to your cards and notes. This makes it easy to personalize multi-recipient or automated card projects. Just go to the place in a text box where you want to add variable data, such as first name, and select the the merge field you want to use […]

Can I add an image or signature to my mail piece?

Yes, you can add any image you like in the design editor by using the image tool in the left hand side toolbar. It is a good idea to add images that have high resolution (at least 300 DPI). You can add a signature by adding an image but your signature, as well as by […]

What are public images?

These are images available to anyone to add to their mailers. They are available in the “Image Library” > “Public Image Library”. You can have your own images in “My Image Library”.

Can I add a QR code to my mailer?

Yes, you would do this by clicking on a page of your Mailer and then clicking on the QR code tool in the left hand side toolbar. Then you can add the URL associated with that QR code, and you can move and size it as desired. If you have a pre-existing QR code, you […]

What is meant by grouping text or image boxes in the editor?

Grouping items is useful if you have two or more content boxes and one might grow as a result of merge data or API data of different lengths. For example, you may have an API text box or a text box with merge data (perhaps with your message text), followed by a signature box. If […]