Explain pricing for recurring order plans.

This is the type of plan you need for integration orders, Thankster automations, and API orders. It also has the benefit of low per card prices and API orders. With these plans, you pay a small amount at the beginning of the month (the prepay amount) which is credited back at the end of the […]

What is this pricing for?

This is pricing for ourser sent via a Thankster campaign, one of our integrations, or an API application. It has lower per card pricing than one-off projects. Because it is unknown how many orders will be triggered beforehand, you are billed after they sent, generally monthly. If you have a high number of orders you […]

How am I billed? Is there a large monthly commitment?

There is no commitment. You pay at the end of the month for the number of cards you send, less the pre-pay amount. The pre-pay amount is billed at the beginning of the month and is credited back at the end of the month against orders sent.

When am I billed?

In most cases bills are rendered monthly, for orders placed during the prior month.  During the first few months, or if your amount owed is over $50, we may do an interim billing or billings, which will be credited against the normal monthly bill.