Is Thankster optimized for mobile devices?

Thankster is currently optimized for the web on large screens like laptops and desktops. The experience will not be good on phones and very small screens.  Tablets may be OK for some things.  We’ll be improving the mobile experience in the future.

Are there any volume minimums?

Not for folder cards, but for other types there are typically minimums of 100 per month (for plan users) or 100 per project (for one-off orders). Contact Us for more information.

Is there order tracking?

We send orders via first class mail. While this does not have tracking, orders are generally delivered within two to four days of going in the mail.

Can I request a sample?

Yes – just fill out this form and we’ll get one out to you in a day or two. It will give you an idea of what the paper looks and feels like, but bear in mind you’ll be able to change the style and handwriting in many ways.