Boost Engagement with Handwritten Notes and Cards for Business

Enhance your business communications with the best handwritten card service, providing personalized, automated ‘thank you’ notes and direct mail marketing solutions. While primarily designed for businesses, our customized service is also perfect for adding a personal touch to your individual communications.

Why Thankster for Automated Handwritten Cards and other Personalized Direct Mail

Advanced Automation Options

Automate via our built-in tools, via our direct Integrations, or via our integration with platforms like Zapier.

Great Pricing

Save even more with our automated plans or by pre-paying for credit packs.

Fast Turnaround

For typical orders we usually mail next business day.

Many Personalization Options

Our editor gives you great flexibility when creating your mailers, and you can personalize templates through merge fields.

Unmatched Authenticity

Our handwriting solution uses subtle techniques for authenticity (use one of ours or create your own). And we use real, first-class stamps.

Comprehensive Service

We print, stuff, stamp, seal, and mail for you. Mail immediately, or schedule for later.

Ways to Send

Discover various methods to send personalized handwritten cards with Thankster, tailored to your business needs.
  • Add or import recipients

    You can import recipients in various ways or add them one at a time. Additionally, you can save your templates for future use.

  • Send now or Schedule for later

    Send customized designs immediately or schedule for later, perfect for unique, non-recurring events.
    Please note: Pricing per card is a bit higher than with our automated plans. You can also get a discount on the price per card by pre-paying for credit packs.

  • Select the sending schedule (e.g., the first of every month)

    Choose a schedule for sending your cards, such as the first of every month, to maintain consistent communication with your recipients.

  • Choose a list to send to

    Compile a list of recipients for your cards. This can include special occasions like birthdays or home anniversaries for realtors.

  • Drip campaigns

    Implement drip campaigns to send a series of mailers after specific events, like customer signups, to keep your audience engaged over time.

Connect with thousands of apps via Zapier or use our direct integrations like Infusionsoft. Alternatively, you can implement our custom API for complete flexibility. Once you complete the integration, you can choose any of our Thankster templates or create your own.
For integration plan users, our Quick Send functionality allows you to create and send orders in minutes. Simply select an API template, add recipients, and submit. Billing is handled monthly, so you don’t need to pay immediately.

Handwritten Cards: Industry Use Cases

Discover how various industries can benefit from Thankster’s personalized handwritten cards.

Auto Industry

Real Estate



Financial Services

Customer Retention

Donor Retention

Non for Profit

CRMs and Lead Gen

Need Help?

We are ready to assist with any inquiries about our automated handwritten card services. For additional information, please visit our FAQ page.

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Cancel Order

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Can I create my own

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Thankster offers automated handwritten cards tailored for B2B clients, featuring key integration capabilities with platforms like Zapier and Keap. Our services include personalized thank you notes, direct mail marketing, and custom handwritten cards, ideal for enhancing customer relationships and marketing campaigns.

For more information about our products and services or to get started, please reach out to us.