Some Features and Benefits

Complements Digital Strategies

Higher open rate campaigns that are longer lasting and surprise and delight.

Authentic Handwriting

Choose one of our many styles (with character variation), or create your own.

Great Card Options

Choose from one of ours, or create your own.
Folder, flat, postcards, and letters available.

One-off Projects of Any Size

Send to one or thousands. Get great pricing with one of our credit packs.

Automate Sending

Set up recurring campaigns for birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions, within Thankster or via one of our integtrations.

Great Personalization Options

For large mailings, use merge fields to individualize messaging.

Premium, heavyweight card stock

And for postage we use real, first class stamps.

Save Time and Money

Automate the whole process with our self-serve fucntionality, or ask us for help with more compicated projects.

Increase Customer Retention

Real Estate, Insurance, Hospitality, Sales – virtually any business or nonprofit can benefit.  Also great for customer acquisition.