Use Case


Thankster provides nonprofits with a convenient and efficient way to automate sending personalized, handwritten thank you (and other) cards to donors and build stronger relationships with them. Our automation tools can help you do this at scale, either as one-off projects or drip campaigns, saving significant time and effort compared to writing each note by hand.

Some benefits of using Thankster for auto industry professionals


Expressing timely gratitude

Expressing gratitude to donors for their support builds stronger relationships with them. Thank you notes play a vital role in nurturing these relationships. Thankster helps ensure that all donors receive a timely and thoughtful thank you.


Authentic handwriting

Thankster allows nonprofits to easily send acknowledgments to donors that look so close to traditional handwriting that they will delight and surprise donors. Our software is optimized with character variation and other techniques.


Design customization

Thankster provides nonprofits with a variety of thank you note templates that they can use for their handwritten cards. We also provide customization options, allowing nonprofits to tailor the thank you cards to their branding and messaging. They can include their logo, personalized messages, and even add additional inserts or marketing materials.



Thankster merge fields allow nonprofits to personalize their thank you notes by, for example, addressing each individual donor by name and expressing gratitude for their specific donation or support.


Donor retention

Critically, it increases donor retention (while generating positive word-of-mouth and goodwill). It costs a lot more to acquire a new donor than to retain an existing one.



It differentiates the nonprofit in a competitive fundraising market. Going the extra mile and sending handwritten notes demonstrates a higher level of care and attention, setting you apart from other orgs who may not prioritize such gestures.


Demonstrates impact

Thank you notes can be a great way to show donors how their support is making a difference. You can include information about the impact of their donation in the thank you note, such as how many people were helped or how many lives were changed.


Great pricing

We offer special nonprofit pricing (Contact Us for more info). Nonprofits can also benefit from our special integrations pricing.


Save time, send more

Thankster can help you automate the mailing of personalized, handwritten thank you cards, which can save you a lot of time and money.

Some specific examples of how Thankster can be used to help nonprofits

  • Send personalized, handwritten thank you cards to donors after a donation.
  • Customize the design of your thank you cards to match your nonprofit’s brand and make them more memorable.
  • Use Thankster to easily send personalized notes to a large number of donors.
  • Personalize your notes by addressing each individual donor by name and expressing gratitude for their specific donation or support.
  • Use Thankster to send thank you notes to donors who have made your referrals to your organization.
  • Follow up with donors after a fundraising event or campaign.
  • Send thank you notes to volunteers who have just donated their time.
  • Use Thankster to check in and express gratitude to donors for their continued support and loyalty.
  • Show donors how their support is making a difference, by including information about the impact of their donation, such as how many people were helped or how many lives were changed.
  • Note also that Thankster can integrate with nonprofit donor management systems or databases, making it easier to synchronize donor info and automate card sending based on specific triggers, such as donation amounts or frequency.

Automating with Thankster for Nonprofits

By automating their thank you card sending with Thankster, nonprofit organizations can easily create personalized cards for donors and prospects while saving time and money. This is an effective way to show appreciation in a timely manner without having to manually send cards one by one. With Thankster’s solutions, they’ll be personalized and include handwriting just as if they’d been done by hand.

And automation ensures that no donor or prospect misses out on receiving a thank you card due to human error or neglect. This helps in maintaining consistency in communication and ensuring that everyone receives a thank you card within a particular time frame. Our software is optimized to authentically produce human handwriting (for example, by varying instances of each character), allowing our cards and notes to look and feel like they were written by hand. And we use high quality card stock.

We have bulk and plan pricing options which are extremely affordable, especially relative to doing writing by hand.