From the beginning, Thankster has focused on Its handwriting technology. We set out to create the most natural and authentic looking results for your mail pieces.

This involves more than just creating a font; it relies on how the characters are put together in your body of text. Characters should vary to look more natural, but they should also have a natural looking alignment relative to each other within and between words and sentences.

In the end, you want your correspondence to feel personalized, and it is - either because you have created your own custom font via our Handfont technology, or because you took time to select and apply one of ours (we have over 100).

To create your own, you would simply fill out our Handfont form and run it through the Handfont software. Then you can use it in your account with your mailers. Contact us for more information or any questions.

Contact us for more info about Handwriting