Use Case

Real Estate

Thank you notes, especially handwritten and personalized ones, are a great way for real estate brokers and professionals to show appreciation and build strong relationships with clients and prospects.

Some Reasons why


They strengthen client relationships

They strengthen client relationships: Sending a thank you note to a client after closing on a sale, purchase, or rental of a property (see other occasions below), or after a showing, can help strengthen the relationship and show that you value their business. It can also help build trust and encourage repeat business or referrals in the future.


They can lead to positive reviews and testimonials

They can lead to positive reviews and testimonials: When you take the time to thank your clients, they are more likely to leave positive reviews and testimonials for you. This can help to improve your online presence and attract new clients.


Providing an opportunity for follow-up

Providing an opportunity for follow-up: A thank you note can also serve as a platform for addressing any concerns, answering questions, or providing additional information that may be helpful to the client. This proactive approach can lead to increased client satisfaction and further solidify the relationship.


They show gratitude

They show gratitude: A simple thank you note can go a long way in showing your appreciation for your client's business. It lets them know that you value their time and trust, and that you're grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them.


Helps you stay top-of-mind

Helps you stay top-of-mind: A thank you note can serve as a reminder to your clients that you're there for them even after the sale or purchase of their property. And in this regard a physical note tends to be more effective than a digital one.


They can lead to referrals

They can lead to referrals: Real estate is a referral- based business, and a satisfied client is more likely to refer their friends and family to their broker or professional.


They differentiate you from the competition

They differentiate you from the competition: In a competitive industry like real estate, a simple thank you note can help you stand out from the competition and leave a positive impression on clients.


Personal touch

Personal touch. A handwritten thank you note adds a personal touch to your communication and shows that you genuinely care about your clients and colleagues.


Thank you notes

Demonstrate professionalism and build trust and loyalty

Thank you notes

can be sent after a listing presentation, to celebrate their new home, for referrals, new listings, services rendered, home anniversaries, and showings. The notes should express appreciation and congratulations, express a desire to work together again, and include contact information. It is also a great way to remind past customers of their services, which may lead to repeat business or referrals.

They can also be used to reach out to colleagues, and other industry professionals. For example, sending a thank you note to someone who referred a client to you can show your appreciation and encourage them to refer more business your way in the future.

Overall, thank you notes are a simple but effective way for real estate brokers and professionals to show appreciation to their clients and build stronger relationships with them. By taking the time to send a thoughtful note, brokers and professionals can differentiate themselves from their competitors, strengthen their reputation in the community, and increase the Tikelihood of future referrals and repeat business

Automating with Thankster for Real Estate

By automating their thank you card sending with Thankster, real estate professionals can easily create personalized cards for each client while saving time and money. This is an effective way to show appreciation in a timely manner without having to manually send cards one by one. With Thankster’s solution, they’ll be personalized and include handwriting just as if they’d been done by hand.

And automation ensures that no client misses out on receiving a thank you card due to human error or neglect. This helps in maintaining consistency in communication with clients by ensuring that every client receives a thank you card within a particular time frame. Our software is optimized to authentically produce human handwriting (for example, by varying instances of each character), allowing our cards and notes to look and feel like they were written by hand. And we use high quality card stock.

We have bulk and plan pricing options which are extremely affordable, especially relative to doing writing by hand.