Use Case

Customer Retention

For most businesses it is much cheaper and more efficient to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Thankster is extremely effective in this regard, by automating and simplifying the process of sending personalized, authentic thank you cards to customers and leads.

Some ways to use Thankster to increase customer retention


Post-Purchase Thank You Cards

After a customer makes a purchase from your company, Thankster can automatically generate and mail a personalized thank you card expressing gratitude for their patronage. This gesture not only shows appreciation but also reinforces a positive impression of the brand, increasing the likelihood of future purchases and customer loyalty.


Use our Authentic handwriting

Thankster allows companies to easily send acknowledgments and other messages that look so close to traditional handwriting that they will delight and surprise donors. Our software is optimized with character variation and other techniques. We have over 100 natural looking fonts you can use, or we can help you create your own.



Thankster provides many design templates to use out of the box, but we also provide customization options, allowing companies to tailor their cards to their branding and messaging. They can include their logo or any other imagery on any page

Also, message merge fields allow for personalizing text in large mailings, for example, by addressing each individual donor by name or referencing other dynamic info, like location.


Integration with Loyalty Programs

Thankster can integrate with a business's loyalty program to send personalized thank you cards to customers when they reach certain loyalty tiers or earn rewards. This reinforces the benefits of being a loyal customer and encourages continued engagement and repeat purchases.


Anniversary or Milestone Thank You Cards

Thankster can be used to send personalized thank you cards to customers on the anniversary of their first purchase, or when they reach significant milestones, such as a certain number of purchases or a specific total spend. These cards acknowledge the customer's loyalty and make them feel valued, encouraging them to continue their relationship with the business.


Referral Thank You Cards

When a customer refers a new customer to a business, Thankster can automatically generate and send a handwritten thank you card to express appreciation for the referral. This not only strengthens the relationship with the referring customer but also incentivizes them to refer more people in the future.


Feedback or Review Thank You Cards

When customers provide feedback or leave reviews about their experience with the business, Thankster can send personalized thank you cards to acknowledge their input. This demonstrates that the business values their opinion and encourages them to remain engaged and provide further feedback in the future.


Birthday or Special Occasion Cards

Thankster can automate the sending of personalized cards on birthdays or other special occasions. Recognizing and celebrating customers on a special day helps build a strong emotional connection, increasing their loyalty to the brand or organization.


Exclusive Offers or Discounts

For companies, Thankster can be used to send personalized thank you cards that include exclusive offers or discounts to loyal customers. These cards not only express gratitude but also provide an incentive for customers to continue their relationship with the business by making additional purchases.

Some more specific examples of how Thankster can be used to increase customer retention

  • A SaaS company sends a thank you card to new customers who sign up for a free trial. The card includes a personalized message and a link or QR code that links to a blog post about the benefits of using the company’s software.
  • An e-commerce store sends a thank you card to customers who make a purchase. The card includes a personalized message and a coupon for a future purchase.
  • A salesperson automatically sends birthday or anniversary cards.
  • An e-commerce store automatically sends cards for cart abandonment.

Automating with Thankster

By automating their thank you card sending with Thankster, organizations can easily create personalized cards for customers and prospects while saving time and money. This is an effective way to show appreciation in a timely manner without having to manually send cards one by one. With Thankster’s solutions, they’ll be personalized and include handwriting just as if they’d been done by hand.

And automation ensures that no one misses out on receiving a thank you card due to human error or neglect. This helps in maintaining consistency in communication and ensuring that everyone receives a thank you card within a particular time frame. Our software is optimized to authentically produce human handwriting (for example, by varying instances of each character), allowing our cards and notes to look and feel like they were written by hand. And we use high quality card stock.

We have bulk and plan pricing options which are extremely affordable, especially relative to doing writing by hand.