Quick Send

It’s easy and quick to send cards and notes in Thankster. You pick a pre-existing design from one of our public templates or from one of your own, or you create a design from scratch. Add your message, pick a handwriting or other font, and send to a list of recipients that you specify or that are passed in via an integration.

It can be done in a matter of minutes. But it can also be done even more quickly for our integration plan users via our Quick Send functionality. You just pick one of your One-off Project templates, add recipients, and submit. No need to pay at the time because you are billed later on along with any of your automated orders for the month. Now you’re down to seconds.

We’ll also soon be adding functionality for non-plan users (as well as plan users) to be able to very quickly send to a single recipient. Again, it’s very quick to do it the normal way, but with Quick Send options we shave the process down to what is absolutely necessary in the main use cases, for nearly frictionless ordering. Stay tuned….

Contact us for more info about Quick Send