What recipients see

The Product

While a major part of Thankster is the software that drives the design interface, the automation, and everything else required to generate the pieces that ultimately arrive in the mail, those pieces themselves - the end product - are also paramount. And Thankster excels here.

Key Features of The End Product


Multiple Mailer Types

Thankster currently offers four different types of mailers. The mainstay is a folder, which goes in an envelope and comes in two sizes.

We also offer a flat card which goes into an envelope, a postcard which mails on its own, and 8.5 x 11" letters which go inside #10 envelopes.

We can also do inserts upon request. And ask about using QR codes.


Premium Cardstock

Our cards are printed on premium, heavyweight (100#) card stock. It is FSC certified, ensuring that it comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

The rest of our stationery is top notch as well.

Feel free to request a sample at the bottom of this page.


Authentic Handwriting

Thankster started as a company whose mission was to produce simulated, but extremely authentic looking handwriting. We employ character variation and other techniques to accomplish this. You can choose from one of our many fonts (approximately 100), or you can produce your own at low (and sometimes no) cost. We also have some experimental features to further customize these at the click of a button.


Mail Delivery time

We generally print and mail within 24-48 business hours of receiving an order (or of a scheduled order being triggered).

From then, the post office generally allows 2-4 days for delivery within the continental U.S., though they have relaxed this expectation a bit. Delivery times can vary with weather, season, and other conditions.

We deliver to all countries. Non-US bound orders incur extra postage.


Our Response Time

We strive to provide great customer service. We will generally reply within the same day, though sometimes it will be a bit longer. If you don't hear back from us in that time frame, please try us again as this would likely indicate your outreach has not been seen.


Partner With Us

Feel free to reach out to us about partnership opportunities.

old thankter 3 writing

See other photos in our photo gallery.

Note how no two instances of a given character are the same.

Automating with Thankster

By automating their thank you card sending with Thankster, companies and nonprofits can easily create personalized cards for customers, donors, and prospects while saving time and money. This is an effective way to show appreciation in a timely manner without having to manually send cards one by one. With Thankster’s solutions, they’ll be personalized and include handwriting just as if they’d been done by hand.

And automation ensures that no one misses out on receiving a thank you card due to human error or neglect. This helps in maintaining consistency in communication and ensuring that everyone receives a thank you card within a particular time frame. Our software is optimized to authentically produce human handwriting (for example, by varying instances of each character), allowing our cards and notes to look and feel like they were written by hand. And we use high quality card stock.

We have bulk and plan pricing options which are extremely affordable, especially relative to doing writing by hand.