How It Works

Thankster lets you automate and personalize the mailing of handwritten cards for your business, your nonprofit, or for yourself.   It provides a platform with many tools and approaches to assist you in pursuing that mission.  You can send folder cards, flat cards, postcards, or regular letters. Reach out to us if you want to include inserts like business cards, gift cards, magnets, etc.

We usually mail within 1 or 2 business days, and delivery in the continental U.S. generally takes 2-4 days after that. For non-U.S. it would vary by location.

Below is a high-level summary of our main tools and concepts. See our FAQ or Knowledge Base for more details.

What You Send


One-off Projects

These are projects that are sent one time, either immediately (after completion), or scheduled for a later date. They consist of a design (which can be saved as a One-Off Project Template for future use), and recipients which you can import in various ways or add one at a time. You can also save the project as a draft (along with its recipients), without ordering it, and manually re-send a version of it in the future (vs. using a one-off project template, as described in section 3-1).

These orders are paid for at the time of sending. Pricing per card is a bit higher than for automated sending, though you can pre-pay for credit packs to get a discount.


Automated orders

Automated mailing options:

  • Recurring Campaigns - Select from various timing options to send for birthdays, anniversaries, and other recurring campaigns
  • Drip Campaigns - Send sequences of different templates (e.g., Welcome campaigns); mix and match different mailer types.
  • Via our integrations (Advanced) - Connect to thousands of apps via Zapier, Make and others, or use our direct integrations like Keap.
  • Via our custom API (Advanced) - Integrate Thankster functionality into your application with complete flexibility. Contact us for the API doc.

Integration Orders and API orders can be found in the Advanced section of the left navigation pane. Both of these order types require an API template (see below).

These are invoiced monthly and generally have our lowest per card pricing.



Thankster has three kinds of templates:

  1. One-off Project Templates - A design template that you can use as the basis for future one-off projects you create. It lets you avoid building from scratch with a design that you may use over and over.
  2. API Templates - These serve as the basis for API orders (orders sent via our integrations like Zapier and Keap, and via our custom API). They don't haverecipients attached. Also, the have additional tools in the design editor to add “API text” or “API images” which your API can dynamically pass content into when your API application triggers the template.
  3. Public Folder Templates - These are basically folder cards that use one of our cover designs, and are empty on the inside.  They are available in categories like Thank You cards or Holiday cards.  You can select one and edit any of the pages as you wish.  Find them in “Templates” > “Public Folder”.


The Components of What You Send


Address Book and Lists

You can add recipients one at a time, import a spreadsheet, or submit a grid of recipients, either from within a project or from the Address Book page.

Your address book is all of the contacts you add, whether importing or adding individually, whereas lists are individual groupings of contacts that you name and create.

Lists are used for campaigns, and they are dynamic. For example, if you have a list of recipients for birthday cards, if you edit the list it will change who gets future cards.


Content - Text and handwriting, including AI

You can add text to any page of your mailer. We offer many handwriting and other fonts, or you can create your own.

You can use merge fields to add variable data to the text in your cards and notes. This makes it easy to personalize multi-recipient or automated card projects.

We also have a message library to inspire you if you get stuck.

Perhaps even better, you can type a prompt into our AI tool to help you generate text for any occasion.


Content - Images (including AI), QR codes, signatures

You can add a signature to your mailer by drawing one using the signature tool and your mouse or touch screen. You can also add one by adding an image in the design editor.

Similarly, you can add a QR code to your mailer by using our QR code tool or by adding it as an image. A recipient of your mailed card can scan it with a mobile device and visit the link you specify.

You can also add any image you like, on any page. Images, signatures and QR codes can be moved and resized as needed.

As with our text tool, our image tool has AI functionality that lets you type a prompt to generate your own custom image for any occasion.