Use Cases

Delight Custumors with beautiful personalised handwritten notes

Case Studies

To really connect with your customers and clients you need to show that you value them as more than just another sale. Handwritten notes are the perfect way to ensure there s a smile on their face, even if you aren’t there to see it.


Grow revenue

One of the fastest growing beauty brands in North America prints thank you notes for first time customers to include in deliveries. Everything is automated through our Shopify app, and has resulted in an 8% increase in customer retention.

They also offer monthly subscriptions for popular products. When a new customer makes an order over $60, they send a note through the post selling the benefits of the subscription. This resulted in a 4% increase in subscription conversion rates.


Enrich customer experiences

A premium online wine shop uses our Shopify flow connector to
automatically print personalized thank you messages with every order. They automatically recommend a food pairing based on the wine that was purchased.

When a customer buys one of their more interesting wines a QR code is printed on the back of the note automatically. This redirects to a video on their store of the winery, and an interview with the winemaker. 60% of recipients scan the code, and 15% of them go on to make a repeat purchase of the same wine.


Going the extra mile

We work with a multinational travel company to send welcome home letters to returning holidaymakers.

Everything is automated using our HubSpot integration with notes triggered two days before the return flight. The company and their customers are delighted, as they have increased their retention by over 15%.


Finding new opportunities

It s not just brands and boutiques, we work with one of the largest banks in the world to attract thousands of new clients every month.

Local managers invite prospects in for a meeting with a handwritten letter, and have seen response rates of over 10%.

Quick-Send To Your Entire Recipient List

Chances are, you’ve already got a list of your customers, so thankster makes it easy to quickly add in contacts from whatever system you re using. Outlook, Excel, Gmail and more it couldn’t t be more simple, and with one click you’ve sent off an amazing looking card to your entire client list.