Free handwriting font from Thankster!

Free handwriting font from Thankster!

For a limited time, Thankster.com is offering its users a free handwriting font, with all advanced features (signature, adjustments, etc.).  This normally costs $16 (or $8.95 for just the basic font) on our sister site Handfont.com.   At Thankster just go to Your Handwriting in the top nav bar and follow the steps there. You can then use that font to send real thank you cards or other notes in your own handwriting with Thankster.com!. After you create your font you will be a given a 36 hour referral code for 35% off a Thankster order.  You can also download your font and use it in most PC and Mac programs – it is yours to keep. Enjoy!

[Note:  If you want the discount but don’t want to use it right away, you can pre-pay the dollar amount you want to spend by clicking on the pre-pay link in the top nav bar at Thankster. Just enter the aforementioned referral code where indicated to get your discount on that amount (it may reference a lower percentage, but you will get 35%). This will then generate a longer lasting code that you can use later.]

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