The Gift of Thanking

The Gift of Thanking

TD Bank branches in Canada surprised their customers last week with their ATM Machines. You would wonder how an ATM can surprise fellow customers. Well, these ATMs are not the regular Automated Teller Machines, rather they are “Automated Thanking Machines.” Instead of customers withdrawing money from their bank accounts, they were in for a treat. They received a special customer thanking experience which included gifts, trips, and experiences. These interactions were recorded and posted on Youtube and titled as “Sometimes you just want to say thank you #TDThanksyou.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUkN7g_bEAI)

As you watch the customers’ bright smiles and tears of joy, you will understand from this heartwarming act that a thank you can bring such delight. Thinking about giving thanks now but don’t think you have the money for such extravagant gifts? Well, whether the act of gratitude is big or small, the recipient would appreciate it, as long is it comes from the heart.

For our team at Thankster.com, giving thanks is something we truly believe in. We know that in today’s society, it is sometimes hard to show gratitude. However, with our service, we make it possible for people to easily and efficiently give thanks by providing customers the opportunity to create personal thank-you cards online. Besides having a variety of thank you cards to choose from, we give you the option to personalize the fonts with your personal handwriting. This way, it makes the thank-you card genuine and meaningful

Now watch the video, think about those around you, and send a thank you card. Now is your turn to bring out that smile for those you love. 

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