Thanking Event Attendees with Handwritten Cards

Thanking Event Attendees with Handwritten Cards

For event planners, the goal is always to create a positive experience (ideally, a spectacular one) for their attendees. This involves bringing together lots of moving parts, late nights, stress, and an eye for detail. Even with all the work that goes into putting on large scale events, it is ultimately the guests that determine how successful the event is. Hopefully, when everything comes together on event day, guests will be happy for having attended.

Much of how an attendee perceives the experience comes after the event. This is where the guest looks at how the event went and decides whether or not they will attend a similar event in the future. This period after the event, can be almost as important as the event itself.

A great strategy for improving attendee experience post-event is with handwritten cards. Cards that are written by hand are able to convey gratitude in a meaningful way. Everyone likes opening a card that is addressed to them. When guests leave an event, they want to feel like they were appreciated and helped make the event a fun time. Thank-you cards do just that.

For event organizers, this means attendees will have a more positive reflection on the event. Because of this, they will be more likely to attend future events and spread the word about the good time they had.

Thankster is able to automate the creation of handmade cards for your guests. So instead of writing out cards one by one, the whole process can be done in a matter of minutes.

Thankster integrates with event management systems like Picatic to making sending out cards to attendees as easy as possible.

Picatic (along with Weemss, Ticketbud, Evenium, Universe, and ZapEvent) can all be integrated via Zapier to add a personal touch to events. Zapier is platform that connects the apps you are already using to create automations. Feel free to send us an email at jlatimer@thankster.com for a free sample card, more info, or a free set-up.

However you connect, expect happier attendees at your events!

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