Thankster now on Integromat

Thankster now on Integromat

Connect Thankster to any other apps
to create and send personal cards to your customers, friends, or colleagues

Like Zapier, Integromat is a no-code integration platform
that allows you to build nearly any Thankster integration with just a few
clicks! Use Integromat’s visual builder to connect Thankster to more than 600
ready-made apps or to any other online service.  Zapier has more apps but Integromat has a very robust free plan and the less expensive paid plans.

You can use Integromat to connect your contact list (from a Google Sheet,
HubSpot, or Mailchimp) to Thankster to send cards automatically. Or, watch for
new addresses in Thankster and add them to your contact lists. You can even
connect it to your e-commerce tools like Shopify and PayPal to send thank-you
cards to your customers automatically.

All you need to get started is an Integromat account. Sign up for free here, and follow this guide to make a connection between
Thankster and Integromat.

You might want to start with a simple integration like Google Sheets and Thankster. Use it as it is,
or add more modules to create a more complex integration scenario.

Want to learn more about building integrations on Integromat? Browse Integromat’s Help Center. 

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