Thankster + Zapier = New * Old

Thankster + Zapier = New * Old

By Alison Groves, Zapier

A handwritten note. Something that was left by the wayside with the arrival of email, social media, and other online communication tools. But there’s something special about receiving a note in the mail; it’s more powerful because it’s such a rare occurreance. You feel appreciated, and you’ll remember and think fondly of the sender.

But how often do we take the time out of our incredibly busy schedules to send those notes? Overflowing inboxes, sprawling task lists, and endless meetings leave little time for special touches. That’s where Thankster comes in.

Thankster handles the card writing, addressing, and mailing for you. But what if you’d like to automate that process and send thank-you notes new customers, or a “keep in touch” card to new contacts in your CRM? That’s where Zapier can help. Connect Thankster to any of 500 different apps via Zapier, and send handwritten thank-you cards for just about anything.

Send Thank-You’s For E-Commerce Purchases

When someone purchases your product, the default thing most of us think of is to send them an automated thank-you email. It’s almost expected behavior these days. But what if you sent a card in the mail instead? If you’re shipping a product or grabbing billing information, chances are you have a mailing address. All you need now is a little automation.

“Our process is, when someone purchases one of our high ticket training courses, we send them a handwritten thank-you card,” explains Nathan Chan, publisher of Foundr Magazine. “This allows us to extend the product service experience, instead of the usual, where someone buys something, we take their money, they get the product, and they are forgotten about.”

Nathan’s workflow is simple: “Someone buys a course and pays via Stripe or PayPal. From there, Zapier picks up the purchase and sends it over to Thankster, who then prints the card that is templated via the buyer’s address. It all results in a happy customer!”

Go the Extra Mile With Your CRM Contacts

Most likely, your CRM is the hub for your client information. It’s also ripe with opportunities to wow your contacts when they come on board. By combining Zapier and Thankster, you can send any new contact in the CRM of your choice a nice “welcome!” or “thanks!” message in the mail.

“Zapier has been my go-to source for making any CRM work for my special needs,” says Russell Macias of Macias Real Estate. “I found that if I send my leads to Google Contacts, I have a Zap that sends thank-you cards through Thankster when I get a lead to inquire about the value of their own home.”

By connecting the apps that you have valuable information to Thankster via Zapier, you can save time yet still go the extra mile for those very important people. What would you like to automate?

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